Maha Saman Devalaya

A Buddhist moule by the name of Ven. Seelawansa had been on a pilgrimage to Adams peak. One night he receives a strange message more in the from of a dream about a statue kept in a rock cave in the wilderness. Deciding to follow this message the ven monk found the statue which was of God Sumana Saman. It was brought in a  procession to Sapagrama Viharaya.It is mentioned in the ‘Saman Siritha’ that there after Saparagrama Viharaya was named Saman Viharaya.Before the reign of King Rajasinghe of Sitawaka Sumana Saman Dewalaya had been in the control of the Portuguese.For 40 years the Portuguese controlled the Holy land temples, slupas, statues and all Valuable relics and treasures were destroyed. King Rajasinghe of Sitawaka was successful in restoring this damage and he rebuilt the Saman Devalaya owing to strong Hindu influence Saman Viharaya Could not be completed. After 40 years King Rajsinghe held the Saman Dewala Perahera.

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