Sankapala Viharaya

Situated in the Ratnapura district belonging to the Atakalan Korale Thambagamu Pattu Pallebedda Village the Sri Sankapala Raja Maha Viharaya lies in the outskirts of Ratnapura – Hambantota main road near the 24th milepost. It is a 5 hour journey from Colombo through Ratnapura.

The name “Pussadeva” engraved on the walls of certain dense is an obvious evidence to prove that he lived there. In the past this land where had been a prosperous area was under gone enemy invasions and left an isolated thicket in the middle of the jungle.According to the priests in the temple, having been destroyed the temple by certain treasure hunters called “Mukkaru” , the great statue of lord Buddha, which was 27 feet in height had been dragged on and put into the near by river (Rakwana river).

Again during the reign of Kandy king Rajadhi Rajasinghe this temple was renovated & offered to Karathota Dharmarama thero. The extent of this land grant was 15000 acres. 4000 acres had been taken over by the government during the reign of British.The lion flag, Palmyra fan with the ivory handle, golden statue of lord Buddha (8 inches high) and charter mentioned about the offering of land grant are still remain safely in this temple. There are 14 dens discovered by archaeological deportment.

Project Details

  • Location : Sankapala Viharaya
  • Address : Pelmadulla - Embilipitiya Hwy
  • Distance : 61 Km From Hotel