Rathnapura Museum

The National Museum of Ratnapura is one of the national museums of Sri Lanka. It is located in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka and it was opened on 13 May 1988

Established by a local gemmologist, this impressive private collection of precious stones (plus quartz, fossils and artefacts) is a good place to learn about gem mining in Sri Lanka. Yes, there are gemstones for sale, but staff are not pushy, and there’s a little cafe too. It’s 2.5km southwest of the centre, off the A4 Hwy.

The town’s somewhat neglected National Museum displays the fossilised remains of various animals (including rhinos and elephants) discovered in gem pits. Local culture and history are quite well represented, with an interesting series of old black-and-white photographs.


Project Details

  • Location : Musium in Ratnapura
  • Address : Rathnapura
  • Distance : 4.3 Km From Hotel