Rath Ganga (Punchi Dambadiwa)

Lumbini where Prince Siddartha was born is situated in India, which was earlier known as Dambadiva. It was a little pastoral village nestling in this mountain frontier of Nepal in the 6th century BC.

Right throughout the year in Sri Lanka there is an exodus of pilgrims on pilgrimage to Dambadiva, where the hallowed sites connected with the life and times of Siddharta Gautama before and after His Supreme Enlightenment are found.

However Punchi Dambadiva (Rathganga Asu Maha Shrawaka Pasvisu Rajamaha Viharaya) is located along the Colombo – Ratnapura – Pelmadulla – Embilipitiya main highway – near Nonagama Junction off the 22nd km post from Ratnapura. From there lies its turn off along a mountain winding metalled narrow road running to about 12 km.

The verdant valleys are saddled copiously with carpets of tea, rubber, cocoa, coffee gardens, interlaced with lush jungle, terraced rice fields set against the backdrop of wooded hills, where whispering rills, cascade down falling into boisterous rock pools.

Amidst such awe-inspiring mountain capes, there comes into view this fascinating Punchi Dambadiva peeping out of a hillock harbouring a sprawling complex of lofty mansions filling the spread out landscapes far and wide. It is fascinatingly skirted by the meandering Rath Ganga flowing lazily by.

Project Details

  • Location : Rathganga Asu Maha Shrawaka Pasvisu Rajamaha Viharaya
  • Route : Colombo-Ratnapura-Pelmadulla-Embilipitiya main highway – near Nonagama Junction off the 22nd km post from Ratnapura.
  • Distance : 31 Km From Hotel