A word About Rathnapura

One of Sri Lanka’s nine provinces, Sabaragamuwa is located in the south-central region of our island and offers the visitor a plenitude of natural beauty, culture, history and adventure found on a variety of terrain. Sabaragamuwa Province consists of two districts Kegalle & Ratnapura.

Ratnapura is one of the most beautifully situated towns in Ceylon, except for its climate, which is aptly compared to a Turkish bath. Still, it is this hot moist temperature which makes all leafs and blossoms more luxuriant in Ratnapura than anywhere else in the island.

Rathnapura Town


Saman Dewalaya



Sri Lanka has produced three of the world’s largest blue sapphires, including the “Blue Belle of Asia”‘ (which adorned the British crown and holds the world record for any Sapphire sold at an auction); as well as the ‘Star of India’, displayed at the New York Museum of Natural History.

Reaching to Ratnapura

Ratnapura can be reached via the A4 Highway which connects the capital Colombo to Kalmunai in the Eastern Province.

Ratnapura’s Tourism

Ratnapura being a nature attraction that serves a myriad of trekking opportunities caters to a wellestablished tourism industry.

Adventure in Rathnapura

Sri Pada, or Adam’s Peak, is Sri Lanka’s holly mountain, sacred to for religions, Muslim’s and Christians believing the footprint on its summit to be that of Adam.


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Kethumathee Hotel, Rathnapura

The Kethumathee Hostel is a unique city hotel, which has been build close to Rathnapura New town and well-maintained garden with flowers, and an incredible view offers holiday makers an exclusive holiday experience.